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Taking slide guitar out of the "Blues Ghetto"


"Why, that's crazy talk!" you might say, but my self appointed mission is to take slide guitar and it's associated open tunings out of the Mississippi Delta and into the wider world.

So, using my own songs and instrumentals as well as carefully selected covers I've taken myself on a journey and I'd like you to come with me.


I've been playing guitar, in various styles, for more years than I care to contemplate. I've picked acoustics, strangled Strats and even flirted with lap style. Always rooted in Blues and Americana but always ready to take on influences from anywhere.


Then I got bought a resophonic guitar and it was like turning on a light. THIS was the musical voice I'd been seeking for nigh on thirty years. There was only one way to go and I now do my thing on a National Resophonic Style 1 Tricone.




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